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About Us

A picture of Melinda

Melinda McDonald

Marketing Consultant

She likes to run, she likes good coffee, but most of all, she likes to see businesses develop great relationships with their customers. So off she went to university and got herself a business degree, then out into the great big world to get some much needed experience (almost 15 years of it, in fact) marketing everything from education to health, finance, hospitality and agriculture.

Which means that she can now bring a happy balance of expertise, experience and, of course, enthusiasm, to you and your business. She makes it her goal to discover why your business is special, and then finds simple, meaningful and memorable ways to let everyone else know too!


  • Bachelor of Business (QUT) Communications/Public Relations
  • Associate Diploma of Social Science
  • Train the Trainer Certificate


  • Public Relations Institute of Australia (Q) Award 2002
  • Coca-Cola Amatil Scholarship 2000
A picture of Kim

Kim Scott

Business Development

If Forget Me Not is the BMW of marketing/PR firms, then Kim Scott is the engine under our bonnet. You may not always see it, but there’s a reason why everything runs so smoothly. If you look carefully, you’ll notice Kim quietly managing all things business development and finance (and smiling at the same time!)

Every successful business needs someone keeping the boxes ticked and the bright ideas coming to help serve clients’ needs in a timely and professional way. For us, we’re happy to say, that person is Kim!

A picture of Samantha

Samantha Ison

Personal and Events Assistant

Samantha is like WD40 on a squeaky door; caffeine on a Monday morning; a travelator after a long flight. She just makes everything run more smoothly.

Samantha is our PA and Events Assistant extraordinaire, and ever since she joined the team here at Forget Me Not, we’ve been wondering what we ever did without her. She’s the friendly voice when you call our office, and the super-organised coordinator of boxes, banners, equipment and microphones as we throw together another one of our fantastic events. With Samantha on the job, you can be sure it will all happen just the way it’s supposed to.